As a response to the growing health-conscious segment of consumers, we are committed to curating and introducing a range of health-conscious brand products that prioritize and promote wellness and overall well-being.

recolte logo

récolte レコルト Japan

récolte offers a diverse range of innovative kitchen and home innovations, combining multi-functional design, durability, and style. The brand takes pride in manufacturing sleek and compact appliances that are perfect for modern families and built to last.

toffy logo

Toffy トフィー Japan

Toffy, a popular and trendy lifestyle brand, presents a captivating collection of stunning products. Known for its unique and retro-inspired designs, Toffy has gained a significant following for its compact and charming aesthetics.

selectpro logoSelectpro 셀렉프로 Korea

A renowned brand specializes in high-end kitchen innovations. With products tailored to the needs of health-conscious customers, SelectPro has gained recognition as a top brand. The multi-functional cooker is a top seller in Korea.

festino logoFestino Japan

Festino, an esteemed sub-brand of récolte, showcases a sleek and sophisticated line of beauty products. Designed for busy and demanding women, Festino’s beauty product line offers a seamless combination of elegance and practicality.

taurus logo

Taurus Spain

A premium brand with over 50 years of establishment, Taurus has experienced rapid growth and garnered high customer satisfaction in both local and overseas sales. This success has attracted significant attention in the market.

bianco di puro logo

bianco di puro

A top-notch European brand renowned for its high-grade kitchen appliances. Since 2010, the brand has introduced various Nutrition Blenders to the German market, receiving exceptional reception and acclaim.

kuvings logoKuvings Global

A leading manufacturer of robust kitchen appliances based in South Korea, Kuvings has been at the forefront since 1978. Their pioneering blender range promotes a trendy health concept and exceptional quality of life for consumers.


From designs inspired by early 19th century America, to the timeless appeal of Coca-Cola® appliances, the popular range strive to offer quality products that surpass the typical standards of nostalgic design and functionality.