Sanwall Smart Rack Dryer Towel Warmer 25Bars
Sanwall Smart Rack Dryer Towel Warmer 25Bars
Sanwall Smart Rack Dryer Towel Warmer 25Bars


Sanwall Smart Rack Dryer Towel Warmer 25Bars

Sale price$3,380.00
The world's first Smart Rack Dryer. Different from the general ON/OFF
switch-type electric towel warmer,
Absolutely the first to be developed by Sanwall, it is equipped with
artificial intelligence and efficient drying programs.
Accurate and intelligent temperature adjustment, to ensure that your
soft clothes material, no loss of silk.
A new generation of Sanwall-Smart Rack Dryer, to explore the new realm
of drying technology
With multiple functions, it perfectly caters to your dry clothes, dry towels,
hot towels or disinfection needs.
Reduced complicated drying procedures, giving you more time to do what you like.
Sanwall-Smart Rack Dryer, material of aluminum alloy, stylish design,
beautiful and durable.
Variety of styles, available in a variety of sizes

Dry and warms your towel, hand washables, cloth,
baby blankets and bedding without use of dryer.

- Fully intelligent drying system
- With 4 mode option:
a) Tower warmer (30mins)
b) Towel Dryer (2hrs)
c) Clothes Dryer (8hrs)
d) Electric De-humidifier (24hrs)
- During the drying process, as the clothes are dry,
Intelligently adjust the temperature to avoid damage to clothing
- Quick drying of towels and clothing
- In addition to moisture and odor
- Prevent mold growth
- Safe design, durable and reliable
- Each option can be configured with wall mount and free standing style
-Tube arrangement: 7+7+7+4 flat channels are specially arranged from top to bottom,
Closer and flatter, so that the heat distribution is more widely and evenly
- Divide up/down 2 groups to adjust the intelligent drying mode button, making the arrangement of temperature adjustment more flexible

Product specification
Model: ATW01TM-25ULTRA
Wall mount size: 123 x 60 x 11.5cm
Input: 220-240VAC
Power: 320W
Color: Black / Silver / Gold